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Technology Adoption Services

AspenTech Subsurface Science & Engineering (SSE) Technology Adoption Services provide a fully optimized solution designed to meet specific business outcomes and simplify the processes associated with use of our software. Our consultants work collaboratively to build customized Adoption Plans, with identified key success metrics that are monitored and adjusted where necessary, to deliver optimal results. We work to ensure that AspenTech SSE and our customers are deeply aligned in both process and technology, as part of a strategy for broad adoption and maximum productivity.  Adoption Services include:

  • Workflow and business process assessments
  • Technical Infrastructure audits and ongoing health checks
  • Technical program management
  • Release management and roadmap planning
  • Advanced mentoring and workshop delivery
  • Data management optimization and guidance

SSE consultants can help customers better integrate our solutions and workflows into their business processes.  We do this by introducing best practices that come from years of helping the world’s largest operators integrate our solutions as a foundational platform for their G&G workflows.