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Interpretation and Modeling

Beyond traditional interpretation and modeling.


Emerson's fully integrated seismic data interpretation, visualization, and modeling software suite is engineered to deliver more information from existing data and more confidence in decision making today and in the future.

With outstanding usability, interactivity and scalability, Emerson E&P software solutions enable interpreters to fast track the time required to interpret and model complex structures and realize the benefit of precise and geologically consistent results.

Paradigm interpretation and modeling solutions include: 

Here’s how E&P professionals use the Emerson E&P software suite to interpret and accurately model complex structures:

Volume rendering of the stratigraphy, clearly revealing the faults and a channel
  • Advanced volume roaming and data caching technologies enable users to render, display and interpret huge multi-attribute 2D/3D surveys in a single shared visualization window – with virtually no restriction on the size or number of data volumes.
  • Geoscientists gain clear understanding of structure and stratigraphy to efficiently develop a virtual earth model of the subsurface.
  • Structural interpretation and modeling tools help interpreters understand the depositional history of the reservoir, and identify, in the shortest time possible, fault compartments and sealing and trapping mechanisms that hold hydrocarbons. These factors help determine the best drilling locations and ultimately the project scope and cost.
  • Paleo-geochronologic modeling is used to constrain seismic inversion in order to generate reservoir property models.

Adaptable and integrated workflows

All Emerson E&P interpretation applications operate on the open and distributed Epos data management and software integration framework. Powerful and flexible, Epos is scalable from a single user on a laptop to global enterprise deployments, and supports iterative, multi-disciplinary workflows. Project teams across multiple offices can securely connect and apply diverse analysis tools to examine multi-user projects containing vast amounts of data.

In the Emerson E&P software solution set, interpretation takes place at all stages of geoscience workflows, and the industry’s most advanced modeling engine brings all the information together. The result is a verified and accurate earth model inclusive of all subsurface data.

Our workflows are asset-focused and operate across multiple domains. You can significantly enhance workflow efficiency and productivity, and strengthen quality control with the ability to move between each stage of the upstream workflow – all without leaving the interpretation environment.


Relentless innovation

Emerson leadership in interpretation software is the result of many years of design and development, including close collaboration with the most respected thinkers in leading energy companies. The seismic data interpretation, visualization and modeling software suite includes advanced technologies, a flexible approach to data management, and a homogeneous user interface for improved ease of use. The software suite delivers on our promise of improved accuracy, greater productivity, more comprehensive insight into data, and industry-leading visualization quality. When it comes to innovation, we do not rest on our laurels.