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Production Modeling

Combine production intelligence with subsurface knowledge, for more efficient well and reservoir performance

Field operations can be vastly improved by integrating a rich understanding of fluid flow through the entire production system and the subsurface with production data, under operational constraints. Emerson offers intelligent solutions to help manage some of the key challenges in oil and gas production, such as well and field level production optimization, flood evaluation, well intervention prediction, and infill drilling optimization.

Paradigm Production Modeling solutions include:

METTE: Flow assurance and optimization, from exploration to production

METTE2_sm.jpgMETTETM is an integrated flow assurance and production modeling software solution that provides flow performance calculations for wells and flow lines, and integrated field modeling for life-of-field simulation and optimization.  It enables virtual metering for allocation of production to wells, and transient flow simulation for dynamic analysis of wells and flow lines. By combining data from predictive reservoir models, production modeling and field instrumentation, operators can continuously monitor production and use field information when forecasting reservoir performance and making operational decisions.