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Paradigm k

Capture the right design for your reservoir and realize its full production potential.

Leadership in today’s oil and gas environment requires skilled management of ever-increasing volumes of data.  The data is analyzed by expert asset teams who alert the business to production challenges and offer solutions using state-of-the-art methods.  However, design workflows are still hampered by a lack of efficient modeling tools that capture details of the recovery and production process and work in tandem with G&G modeling tools.  Advanced predictive workflows for design and maintenance that honor reservoir physics have been considered too complex, time-consuming and impractical . . . until now.  

Paradigm k integrates oilfield data with Production and Reservoir Engineering fundamentals to enrich production datasets and forecast future performance, from the reservoir to the well to the surface.  A Cloud-based, collaborative workflow, Paradigm k helps optimize the design and management of well systems.

Hydraulic fracture models in Paradigm k can be oriented and heterogeneous, and include complex structures.
In this solution, Paradigm has applied advanced computational mathematics to deliver a reservoir flow simulator with unparalleled speed. The proprietary simulation engine has breakthrough architecture that solves the well and reservoir models simultaneously, rather than by iteration.  Model setup is easy, even for cases with complex fractures, and gridding is only required to describe subsurface heterogeneity. Now you can examine more design cases than ever before, present the best solution, and forecast production with confidence.

When you start production Paradigm k stays with you. It now collects field data and automatically updates the model to enrich your production dataset and forecast performance in real time. Furthermore, it helps you identify optimal strategies to keep your production on track. But before you act, click ‘Connect’ to collaborate across departments and disciplines to get a comprehensive view of well status and history. You now have an advanced situational awareness to deliver your production targets with confidence.  

The initial release is Purpose-built for Unconventionals

The initial release of Paradigm k has been specifically designed and optimized for shale oil and gas reservoirs. Complex fluid movements around multi-fractured horizontal wells are rigorously simulated: The models are simple to set up and are executed with tremendous speed. Hydraulic fracture models can be oriented and heterogeneous, and include complex structures.  Future releases will be optimized for multi-well conventional reservoirs.  

Paradigm k is an integral part of this Paradigm solution:

Features of Paradigm k

  • Well Performance
    • Production Engineering workflow
    • Reservoir Engineering workflow
    • Economic evaluation
  • Advanced Surveillance platform with enriched data and predictive analytics
    • Spots adverse issues before they emerge
    • Automates well diagnosis and remedy proposal
    • Provides an advanced level of situational awareness for all key asset team members
  • Connect (powered by Exigo) to collaborate across organizations and disciplines.

Benefits of Paradigm k

  • Fills in data gaps and forecasts future performance in a rigorous manner.
  • Presents a single, holistic view of enriched data and predictive analytics in real time to achieve an elevated level of situational awareness, for better decision-making.
  • Permits application of Production and Reservoir Engineering fundamentals for analysis and design, in a time-efficient manner.
  • Enables the evaluation of numerous production and workover scenarios in minutes, to optimize your lift performance.
  • Allows rapid forecasting and analysis of production from complex fractured completions.
  • Facilitates team sharing and collaboration across organizations and disciplines.
  • Cloud-based, can be accessed by asset teams anywhere around the world on a device of their choice.

System Requirements

  • Paradigm k works with any connected device and operating system capable of supporting Google Chrome and other popular web browsers.