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Formation Evaluation




Confidently assess the economic viability of potential oil and gas fields.

Accurate formation evaluation of reservoirs directly affects corporate valuation and stock price. Imprecision is expensive.

The Emerson E&P Software formation evaluation product suite is unmatched within the industry in terms of its best-in-class petrophysical and geological analysis tools, well data management, superior graphics, and robust data integration.

With the Emerson E&P Software Formation Evaluation solution, users achieve:

Sophisticated petrophysical analysis at your fingertips, with an intuitive graphical interface, advanced features and time-saving shortcuts
  • Compatibility with all borehole analysis tools and data types
  • Confidence from neutral, third-party results
  • Analysis of data from multiple wells simultaneously
  • Multi-user access across networks
  • Software customization
  • Automation of work flow processes

Emerson E&P Software delivers detailed and exact calculations for all industry standard processes, and is compatible with the widest range of well bore tools. We are software focused and unconflicted: As a neutral, third-party software company, we have no conflict of interests with any service providers, and as such, have the unique capability of interfacing with everyone’s tools and data.


The best tools in an elegant user interface

The Geolog™ formation evaluation solution offers powerful analytical and graphical editing tools that allow users to spend more time analyzing their data and less time looking for the right program.  The interface has a consistent Windows-like look and feel (within either a Linux® or Windows® environment) and has been designed to be ergonomic, intuitive, and easy to use, even for the more novice or casual users. This design allows everyone, from asset managers to drilling engineers, to easily navigate the program. 


Scalable and customizable so you get exactly what you need

The easy scalability of Geolog means that it can be used for any number of applications, from log drafting to high-end petrophysics. Its modular design provides a flexible software environment that can be scaled from a single user on a laptop to a team collaborating over the network, all customized to specific user requirements. The program is also fully customizable, allowing you to incorporate your proprietary algorithms or tailor the system for your unique workflow demands.


Formation Evaluation Across Disciplines


Geolog began as a petrophysics tool with basic deterministic analysis and optimizing probabilistic solutions. Over the years, Geolog has worked closely with the industry to develop a program that can work with a broad range of tools, including the most cutting edge products from every service company.


Additional tools for the geophysicist are available in the same Geolog environment, which allows seamless transition between disciplines while ensuring data integrity.

  • Synthetics
  • Rock and Fluid Properties
  • Fluid Substitution
  • AVO Synthetics


The Geolog product suite includes specialized tools for the Geologist to ensure that you get the most from your data.


The Geolog Engineering suite of modules has been developed to offer Geolog's renowned high-quality functionality to engineers working on wells that are already deep into the production phase.