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Pore Pressure Prediction

Reduce uncertainty in pore pressure estimations

Accurate pore pressure prediction (PPP) analysis can have an impact on a wide range of E&P operations, from saving lives by ensuring safe drilling programs, to saving money by optimizing operational constraints or risk ranking prospects during exploration.

With years of experience and a deep understanding of the field, Emerson provides software and geoscience service solutions for predicting and analyzing pore pressure.  We offer a scalable solution that adapts to specific project needs, including:

  • 1D wellbore analysis
  • Calibration tools for estimating pore pressure from seismic velocities
  • Geologic modeling to infer the sources and mechanisms of overpressure

Geolog Pore Pressure Prediction

The Geolog log-based pore pressure prediction module provides tools for predicting pore and fracture pressure profiles in wells based on logging data.  Following data preparation and compaction trend analysis, the Geolog pore pressure prediction module calculates hydrostatic pressure, overburden pressure, pore pressure, and fracture pressure, in a single multi-tab program.

Included in the QSI-PPP package.

Geolog pore pressure results

Seismic Pore Pressure Prediction

A solution for modeling and predicting pressure from seismic lithologic velocities using empirical methods.

Deliverables include volumes of pressure and pressure gradient for: hydrostatic pressure, overburden pressure, pore pressure, fracture pressure, vertical effective stress and horizontal effective stress.

Included in the QSI-PPP package.

P17_PP_IC_view_porepressure_blend_seismic_overpressure_geobody_v2_sm.jpgBlended volume of seismic and pore pressure. Orange geobodies highlight overpressure pockets with a narrow mud-weight drilling window (possible drilling hazards).

Real-time Pore Pressure

Real-time logs can be instantaneously passed to the pore pressure workflow via WITSML using Opslink, for quick updates of actual pore pressure profiles. Based on these updates, real time decisions can be made to safely continue well drilling.
Pore and fracture gradients in the Geolog pore pressure prediction module

Geomechanical Modeling of Subsurface Pressures 

The GeoScale geoSTATE plugin for SKUA provides comprehensive geomechanical modeling of pressures, stress and rock properties in subsurface volumes and along well paths. This coupled modeling approach delivers improved knowledge of pressure and stress states in the subsurface, allowing optimization of exploration and development strategies and improved drilling efficiency and safety. geoSTATE is fully integrated with existing SKUA-GOCAD™ data and functions, ensuring data integrity and workflow efficiency throughout the project.

Included with the SKUA-GOCAD GeoScale plug-in.

GeoScale pore pressure gradient volume and extraction alone surface

Emerson E&P Software Geoscience Services

Our Geoscience Data Services team delivers the industry’s most comprehensive solution for pore pressure prediction and updating, at and away from the wellbore.  Emerson geoscientists and engineers work to concurrently carry out the key tasks of petrophysical and well log analysis, velocity modeling, structural interpretation, and lithology prediction, in preparation for the transformation and interpretation of pore pressure estimation and calibration, sand pressure estimation, structural deformation (strain) analysis, and co-visualization of results.
Pore pressure volume co-visualized with seismic data and well data