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Reservoir Engineering

Emerson E&P Software brings geology to reservoir engineering.


The Emerson E&P Software Reservoir Engineering solution is a truly integrated seismic-to-simulation platform. For the first time, flow simulation grids are true to the interpreted geology and therefore capture the compartmentalization and connectivity of the reservoir. This integrated approach helps create the most geologically-sound production forecasts and the most production-coherent geological models.

Emerson's E&P Software reservoir engineering solutions include:

With the Emerson E&P Software reservoir engineering solution you can experience a single platform that offers:

All engineering data in one environment

Before the Emerson E&P Software Reservoir Engineering solution, geologists would see their interpretations modified and simplified to fit the limitations of the grids used by engineers. Along with decreasing accuracy, these simplified models made it impossible for teams to go back and forth between seismic and geologic interpretations and flow simulations. Our solution has changed all this through its Common Earth model, which allows all disciplines to work from a single, highly accurate model of the subsurface.


The Common Earth Model

The Common Earth Model is the center piece of our Reservoir Engineering Solution. This premier shared-earth model enables all disciplines to work on a consistent representation of the earth, dramatically improving project turnaround time. The model allows the construction of grids that honor geologic interpretations but are also optimized for commercial flow simulators. It also facilitates the upscaling of reservoir properties to pre- and post-processing of flow simulation models; the same model is then used to investigate the impact of geological uncertainty on production forecasts.


UVT Transform

UVT Transform is the algorithm that makes the solution and the concept of the Common Earth Model possible. This unique, patented innovation is what makes the flow simulation grids accurate in terms of structure and stratigraphy. It also allows precise upscaling from geological models to flow simulation grids. UVT Transform improves geologic modeling by removing the constraints of traditional pillar-based technology. Without pillars, the software is able to create a more accurate model of the subsurface. The algorithm delivers a consistent representation without “dumbing down” the data. Scientists no longer have to simplify their interpretations!


What can the Emerson E&P Software Reservoir Engineering Solution do for you?

The powerful combination of the UVT Transform algorithm and the Common Earth model delivers the most accurate results at a fraction of the time and cost of other methods.  Request a demonstration to see how the Emerson E&P Software Reservoir Engineering Solution can help you:

  • Understand the dynamic behavior of reservoir models to better focus on geological features that have an impact on production
  • Assess uncertainty due to multiple geological scenarios to ensure that enough non-redundant scenarios have been considered
  • Screen reservoir models by rejecting those whose dynamic behavior is inconsistent with field observations
  • Assess grid quality to ensure that flow simulators do not experience numerical instabilities
  • Enable geologically consistent production forecasts by ensuring the flow simulation model accurately represents the reservoir structure and geology, with no unwanted simplification
  • Provide a collaborative environment where multiple disciplines can visualize their data, processes, and results
  • Preserve all information related to the models, including how and why they were created, providing a rigorous audit trail

Emerson E&P Software reservoir engineering products:

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