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Seismic Processing and Imaging

Gain deeper insight with the industry's most accurate subsurface imaging tools.


The popular and innovative seismic processing and imaging solutions from the Emerson E&P software group reduce uncertainty and improve reliability through better seismic signal quality, positioning, and content. Our proprietary algorithms translate seismic data into highly accurate, high-definition images of the subsurface, enabling oil and gas companies to maximize hydrocarbon production with greater certainty.

Seismic processing and imaging solutions include:

GeoDepth velocity determination, modeling and imaging (velocity model courtesy of Devon Energy)
Our seismic processing and imaging solutions are preferred by E&P professionals because of their:

  • Breadth of geophysical applications
  • Maturity, stability, and geophysical integrity gained in over 30 years of use by seismic contractors and oil companies
  • Scalable delivery, from laptops and workstations to HPC clusters and mainframes
  • Highly efficient parallel framework and infrastructure for cluster optimization
  • Data compatibility with other Epos™ based solutions for expanded workflows and project coverage

More power, faster processing

Echos is the industry’s benchmark seismic processing system for generating 2D and 3D images of the subsurface and is the cornerstone of our seismic data analysis offering. Echos conditions seismic data for depth imaging, reservoir characterization, and pore pressure prediction projects.

Enhance confidence in your drilling decisions

Emerson E&P Software velocity modeling solutions are used routinely by the global oil and gas industry for depth imaging, time-to-depth conversion, seismic inversion, and pore pressure prediction. Based on our powerful GeoDepth product suite, our solutions easily handle the full range of seismic imaging challenges around the globe. Our advanced proprietary techniques ensure the model is accurate and fully consistent with geological constraints, such as well information, for reduced drilling risk in every environment.

More insight, better imaging

Our seismic imaging offering includes an advanced library of seismic imaging algorithms geared to meet the full range of complex exploration and development objectives. Full supporting systems for model-based AVO and seismic inversion minimize data “hand-off” errors. A comprehensive suite of migrations, including full wave, Kirchhoff and local angle domain migrations, can be applied to solve a broad range of imaging objectives, such as thrust fault, sub-salt and rugged terrain imaging, and accommodate a variety of imaging acquisitions. A groundbreaking, full-azimuth angle domain seismic imaging and analysis system (EarthStudy 360 ) provides previously unattainable levels of subsurface knowledge.

Client focused

The open Emerson E&P Software system includes programming libraries and software development tool kits for client customization, to help match your business objectives. Common file formats operate on high-performance computing solutions that scale to thousands of CPU cores. Predictable project turnaround is achieved through the optimized use of compilers, math libraries, and supporting hardware. The seamless connection between our seismic imaging and characterization solutions and our interpretation and modeling systems improves project cycle time and enhances result reliability.