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Seismic Processing

The industry’s leading seismic processing system for generating 2D and 3D images of the subsurface.


Paradigm® Epos® based solutions offer a flexible, intuitive system for seismic processing, which scales from laptops and workstations to the largest HPC clusters. With a highly efficient parallel framework and comprehensive integration with enterprise IT infrastructure supporting high productivity, the software enables project geophysicists to concentrate on the on-time completion of high-definition geoscience workflows.

Seismic Processing Products


Scalable and configurable, to meet any business objective

Users look to Paradigm when seeking the most proven seismic processing system in the industry. The comprehensive Paradigm Echos® seismic processing tool offers an extensive library of seismic processing applications, with a complete suite of seismic data analysis applications.  This enables the adaptive construction of data dependent processing workflows to solve today’s most challenging seismic processing problems.

Accurate Earth Model = reduced drilling risk

Geophysicists rely on Paradigm GeoDepth® for velocity determination and 3D/2D velocity model building, to create accurate seismic imaging in either time or depth.  This provides the geoscience workflow continuity needed to produce high-quality, interpretable images consistent with other available data and honoring geologic constraints.

Both Echos and GeoDepth are integrated with the open, innovative Epos  infrastructure which links all Epos-based applications in a true multi-user E&P environment, incorporating a shared data repository, common interfaces and common visualization platforms for individuals or teams across disciplines.

High-productivity Interactive Refraction Statics

For high productivity interactive Refraction Statics Analysis, Paradigm offers the XtremeGeo Flatirons™ solution for:

  • Geometry QC
  • First break picking
  • Multiple methods for analyzing and modeling refraction statics
  • Anisotropy refraction analysis
  • Eikonal tomography