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Drilling Engineering

Drill wells safely, on time, and on budget.

Paradigm® drilling software allows operating companies to reduce drilling uncertainty and risk, and enables quick and accurate well planning, qualified wellbore accuracy, and improved drilling safety.

Our single platform delivers multiple solutions to help reduce non-productive rig time

Rig availability is low, drilling costs are at an all-time high. Drilling engineers are focused on ensuring that their wells are drilled safely, on time, and on budget. The Paradigm drilling engineering solution provides a single platform, Sysdrill, designed to meet these challenges.

BHA definition from extensive catalogs of drilling equipment
Sysdrill provides:

  • A single, unified well planning and drilling engineering software application that offers improved workflows for quick and accurate engineering planning.
  • Robust, scalable database from wellsite to corporate data store, with optional user access control.
  • Design changes that are immediately available to all parts of the application, with no need to exchange or save data.
  • Quick and accurate drilling decisions through real-time data loading and projecting ahead of the bit.
  • 3D viewer files that can be e-mailed and viewed interactively in a Web browser.
  • Technology that is independent of the drilling service companies – your own team plans the wells you want to drill.

Integrity and integration when you need it most

Sysdrill is delivered in a single application running off a single database, ensuring unprecedented levels of product integration and productivity gains through highly efficient workflows. Permissions can be set for secure enterprise-wide deployment through sophisticated access controls. The system also provides a log of all modifications to ensure integrity of the database.

Products to meet your drilling engineering challenges

Torque & Drag
Validate well design and prevent loss of rig time by eliminating drilling string failure


Model downhole circulating pressures during drilling, tripping and running casing

Casing Design

Perform casing design and tri-axial load analysis of casing or tubing strings


Plan cementing operations to ensure the secure and safe installation of casing strings

Well Control

Integrated kick tolerance calculator and kill sheet

Jar Placement

Calculate the optimal jar placement in the BHA for a given well geometry