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Well Planning

Quick and accurate well planning that reduces uncertainty and improves drilling safety.

The Paradigm® Sysdrill® integrated suite of well planning software solutions enhances well planning accuracy, reduces drilling risk and uncertainty, quantifies wellbore position and precision, and improves drilling safety.

Paradigm well planning software is an independent solution that helps operating companies and service companies make effective drilling decisions.

Well planning solutions increase confidence in your decision-making process

The Sysdrill integrated suite of well planning and drilling engineering software helps operating and drilling service companies:

  • Enhance well planning accuracy
  • Reduce drilling uncertainty
  • Quantify wellbore position and precision
  • Improve drilling safety.

Sysdrill well planning and survey management software solutions include:

  • Sysdrill Director®:
    Sysdrill Director combines flexible well planning with advanced error modeling and anti-collision techniques to allow drilling engineers to safely and accurately plan, drill and monitor directional wells.
  • Sysdrill Designer:
    A powerful well planning tool fully embedded within the Paradigm SeisEarth multi-survey interpretation and visualization application, Sysdrill Designer enables geoscientists to quickly produce well designs based on a set of predefined drilling constraints after targets have been interactively selected in the SeisEarth® 3D Canvas. The tight integration enables well designs to be visualized in the SeisEarth 3D window together with regional subsurface data.
  • Sysdrill DirectorGeo®:
    Seamlessly linked to Paradigm VoxelGeo®, Sysdrill DirectorGeo enables multi-disciplinary teams of geoscientists and drilling engineers to plan wells within a single, volume-based seismic interpretation environment.

SKUA-GOCAD well planning is fully embedded in the SKUA modeling environment

Combining SKUA-GOCAD Well Planning with SKUA-GOCAD Reservoir Engineering allow users to construct a field development plan by looking at different scenarios of reservoir models and well plans, for higher well production at lower cost.